Hey Girl of the Month

Peyton Sheheane

Meet our Hey Girl of the Month for March!

How do you live your life as a Hey Girl?

As a cancer survivor and a someone who lives with daily chronic illness, I live with a purpose given to me by Christ alone. There have been many situations in my life where I’ve wanted to give up or things were too painful, but I put my faith into Him knowing that He’s got a plan for me even through the storm. By choosing strength over adversity, I choose to use what God gave me as a purpose and sharing my story to others.         

Who were you made to be?

There was a time in my life where I didn’t know my purpose. In the middle of a global pandemic, when the world was dark and scary, I found my passion for social media. After creating an Instagram account for my dog (@isabellasdoodlediaries) that gained almost 15,000 followers, I decided to use that platform to share the word of Jesus in the form of Doggie Devotional Sunday. The feedback I have received from weekly devotional has been overwhelming and heartwarming.

How did you find your worth in Jesus?

After cancer diagnosis, learning disabilities, and life-long health problems, I’ve learned that those things don’t define me. My relationship with Jesus Christ and knowing that I’m a Child Of God, that’s what defines me. 

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